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Guest Pass: A single-use guest pass gives you full reign of the gym and its amenities. This pass gives you three hours of gym use so you can see for yourself just how extraordinary our fitness center is.

Senior Membership: Anyone 65 years young can receive a discounted gym membership. Simply sign up online, then verify your date of birth by attaching a copy of your driver's license or any other form of photo I.D. that has your birthday on it. You can also sign up at our fitness center and prove your age in person.

The Single Membership: If you are only looking for one gym membership, the single membership is the right choice for you. After a $15 setup fee, you only pay your monthly rate for unlimited access to the gym, including all equipment, access to gym trainers, and eligibility for fitness classes.

Family Membership: Looking for an all-inclusive gym membership for your family? Our family membership starts at $30 for the first person. Any additional person 16 and over is only $20. From 10 to 15 years of age only $5. All minors must be accompanied by an adult and household verification must be submitted at the time of signup for all those under the family gym membership..

Coached package: For those looking for guidance from a personal trainer, the coaches membership can help you achieve your fitness goals faster than you ever imagined possible! You receive unlimited access to our fitness center and its amenities along with access to a gym coach three days per week. Our fitness coaches have the expertise to train you on proper technique and form and help you put together basic workout programs.

If you have more questions on our gym membership, stop by our fitness center in Dillwyn today!

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