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Our personal trainers are eager to stay by your side as you accomplish your fitness goals. It has always been our mission to provide an atmosphere at our gym that allows everyone to thrive, and that’s exactly what our fitness trainers strive to do every time you walk through our doors. Begin your journey today by meeting with our fitness coaches and developing your personal plan!

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How can our personal trainers assist on your fitness journey?

  • Meet three days per week to attack your fitness goals
  • Train you on basic fitness concepts and workouts
  • Educate you about nutrition
  • Encourage and motivate you throughout the process
  • Help you train harder and smarter than ever before

There is no better time to attack your fitness goals than right now, and Stay Fit has the fitness trainers to help you do just that. Our certified trainers recognize that everyone has different fitness goals and backgrounds, and we’re ready to work with you and customize a plan that is tailored to your specific needs. 

From weight loss to endurance training, we have the experience and patience to guide and motivate you through any obstacles that may come up in your training. While we certainly encourage you to use our 24/7 gym on your own, working with a personal trainer is the best way to accomplish your fitness goals.

  • Motivation and Accountability — We know first-hand that finding the motivation to work out can be challenging sometimes. It is all too easy to make excuses to avoid that trip to the gym. When you have a dedicated fitness trainer waiting for you, though, you are held that much more accountable to not only go to the gym, but to give 100% effort once you’re there.
  • Education — For many people getting started on their fitness journey, it’s difficult to get over the initial hump simply because they are uneducated about workouts and nutrition. Our personal trainers will not only take the time to personalize a workout plan for you, they will also ensure you understand the proper mechanics of a workout and ways to improve your health outside of the gym.
  • Challenge and Variety — Doing the same workouts on a week-to-week basis can become boring and impact the effort you give at the gym. Rather than stick with the same routine every week, our fitness coaches will develop new workouts to keep you excited about your plan and journey.

If you’re ready to partner with the best gym in Dillwyn, give us a call or stop by our gym to meet with a personal trainer today. We can’t wait to get started!

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