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Here at Stay Fit, we are committed to helping everyone thrive through the power of fitness. For some people, that means focusing on functional training to help recover from injury or improve everyday strength. Whether you are struggling to progress with conventional rehab or simply want to feel stronger throughout your everyday activities, functional training is the perfect solution. Get started today by meeting with out fitness professionals.

Two men are doing push ups on a rack.

What can you expect in functional training?

  • Lunges
  • Squats
  • Push-Ups
  • Rows
  • Deadlifts

What Is Functional Training?

In simple terms, functional fitness trains your muscles and body to perform everyday tasks better. Whether it be common movements you do at work, at home, or in sports, functional training improves your muscles’ ability to work together and complete those movements efficiently.

Without thinking about it, you use basic movements like pushing, pulling, bending, rotating, and carrying throughout your daily life. Functional training allows you to focus on these common movements so you can become stronger with activities you do the most.

We often recommend functional training to expectant mothers and people recovering from an injury as it allows people to improve strength without pushing a person past their current limits. Specifically for people struggling to see results with conventional rehab tactics, functional training is a great way to strengthen and improve collaboration between muscles, which does eventually encourage healing.

What Are the Benefits of Functional Training?

When done correctly, functional training can make daily activities easier, increase your strength, and improve your overall health. By incorporating multiple movements, body parts, and muscles into a workout, functional training allows you to strengthen multiple areas at once. For example, rather than just focusing on strengthening a muscle, functional training can incorporate multiple joints, muscles, and your spine simultaneously.

In doing so, you can better complete movements and activities that pertain to everyday life or stimulate the rehab process after an injury. If you’re ready to see the ways functional training can improve your life, give us a call today or come into our gym to meet with our team. We’re thrilled to help you along your fitness journey!

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